Kim Shively


12th July, 2015


The Existential Beaver Episode 8

28th February, 2015

misfit / landscape

28th February, 2015

Almost finished with a new documentary short about the 1961 film The Misfits. The final scenes of the movie were shot here.


The Existential Beaver Episode 7

28th February, 2015

The Existential Beaver Episode 6

26th December, 2014

The Existential Beaver Episode 5

9th June, 2014


15th April, 2014



Just returned from a trip to the Netherlands. I was there working on a documentary project with Dutch artist Wapke Feenstra and the Colorado based art collective M12. The project is about contrasting landscapes as seen through the eyes of American and Dutch teenagers. The final exhibition will take place in November of 2014 in the Netherlands.

The Existential Beaver Episode 4

7th April, 2014

Watch episode 3 of my show The Existential Beaver here!

7th April, 2014

The 2nd episode of The Existential Beaver is here!

20th February, 2014