Kim Shively

Sample Reel

5th November, 2013

I shoot a lot of video. Here’s a sample reel of my video work.

Come see some awesome music and film/video projections this Friday! Glob 3551 Brighton Blvd.

5th October, 2013


Biennial of the Americas

15th August, 2013

Denver Night: A Concert With Music and Animals was a unique, one night art extravaganza created by Adam Lerner and Chris Kallmyer for the Biennial of the Americas. Chris Bagley and I were asked to participate and we came up with this video installation.
Codename: Pronghorn
The pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) is native to the western United States. Though not an antelope, it is often mistaken as one. The installation is an abandoned security station with a bank of televisions monitoring the changing west. The pronghorn is is the only surviving member of its taxonomic family; about five sister species existed when humans entered North America and all but the A. americana are now extinct.

Watch my new edit reel

11th April, 2013

Here’s a short sampling of my work as an editor for both Milkhaus (a Denver based production/post-production house) and as an independent editor.

Clips in order of appearance:
Still, a documentary about the Abstract Expressionist artist, Clyfford Still. An AbarK Production.
Art Meets Beast, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver
Human Rights Campaign, 2012 victories
My Country is Tibet, a documentary short. A ByKids Production.


1st March, 2013

I’m very excited to be showing some new videos alongside amazing photography by the very talented Alicia Ordal.  Please come by!


4th January, 2012

Welcome to my new website. The site is still under construction but all of the video links are functional. The site will be fully functional within a matter of days.

The next order of business is to spread the word about my Indiegogo fundraising campaign for my documentary Masks of Men. I’m raising money to complete the film. Please check out the trailer below and visit my Indiegogo page here!

MASKS OF MEN from Kim Shively on Vimeo.